Patch a1.10 - Trading and New Events

This week's patch for Survival City a bit smaller than the previous one. Here are the changes for Patch a1.10.

A new location event has been added for each of the Tier 2 locations (Bank, Grocery, Clinic, Depot). The rewards for successfully completing these events is actual increase in stat points! I'm testing to see how to balance these rewards since their effects will last as long as the survivor remains alive. Naturally I'd want the failure punishment to be equal in value.

Trade events are now accessible from Tier 2 location safehouses as well. In this update, trading has also been partly revamped. Previously when getting an average or good deal, the items received were increased by 2x and 3x, respectively. Now the type of deal affects the cost of items required. In the case of good deals, that cost is reduced by 50% while bad deals cost 50% more items. Here are some examples of trades (Food, Water and Wood Scrap are all equal in value)...

  • Bad Trade - Give 3 Wood Scrap and receive 3 Food
  • Equal Trade - Give 2 Food and receive 2 Water
  • Good Trade - Give 1 Water and receive 2 Wood Scrap

The last change for this update is to the size of the dialogue box. I've always felt it was a little large and decreased it by a 1/3 size. Let me know if it looks good at it's current size or if it needs to go back to the old one! That's it for now and expect to see more changes and additions on the horizon!

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