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So I'm guessing this is dead now too?

How can I save the game? I really love my currect character so I would like to save it before continuing with the game.

Survival City uses an auto-save function like a lot of other rogue-like games. Basically the game saves whenever you're at the safehouse. If you're really attached to how your character looks, I could recommend taking a screenshot of them so you can recreate them (in case something happens to them!).

Too late, he's dead already and what I liked about him was his personality characteristics (which are chosen randomly)

But thanks anyway, I didn't know about the autosave. And btw the game is quite fun :)

Hello! My laptop is kinda weird so I can't see the full game on my screen. There is only one size. 

Press alt+enter


Any chance for a PC Linux version ?

Sure, I'll definitely look into a Linux version as well as Mac for the next update.

Excellent news, thanks for your consideration.

Actually looks amazing, but one thing when you game over it sorta glitches the main menu and two make sure to add options because the volume is Extremely loud for a person with headphones. Now onto contacting you, do you have like a discord for this?

Thanks for trying out and enjoying Survival City! I'll have a look at what bugs the game out after a game over. As for the volume settings, they are available in the Options button on the main safehouse screen. You can visit our discord server at

Wow, uploaded literally yesterday well I already love it so good job.